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Burning Things!

Burn, Incinerate, Destroy

1/7/10 07:30 pm - gipsy_queen - Home Delivery Network - FAIL!

I've waited in all day for a delivery from HDN. I even called them at dinner time to make sure the drivers/deliveries were getting through OK because of the snow (I was assured that everything was fine and my package was on its way). I've even been going out onto the street outside our house to look for the delivery van or car - with no luck.

Just after 7PM I called them again to find out what was happening, only to be told that the driver had gone beck to the depot and not finished his deliveries "because of the snow". The reason I'm so p*ssed off?

They had my mobile number and could have contacted me but apparently the driver's "don't phone when they're on the road". Why the hell couldn't the depot phone when they knew all the drops weren't going to be made?

I'm fuming that I've wasted a day when I could have been doing other things. If they don't turn up tomorrow I'm on my way to Chesterfield with a firebomb, I think...

3/16/09 05:15 pm - sciamachy - People who try to deny you your heritage & your roots

Not a thing to do even in jest when that person has suffered years of racist abuse for having those roots.

12/8/08 10:07 pm - tga

Christmas Parties organised on a weekend! Who wants to have to hang out with work colleagues on a weekend????

11/12/08 09:54 am - sciamachy - American Express

...that'll do nicely.

10/23/08 09:49 pm - drpete - An old favourite

Bloody Christmas adverts in October.

and it's all downhill from here...

9/27/08 07:42 pm - diglett - Engineering Works

Tomorrow, we have:

No service on the entire Victoria Line.
No service between Liverpool Street and Leytonstone on the Central Line.
No service between North Greenwich and Stratford on the Jubilee Line.
No overground trains between Liverpool Street and Chingford.

So if someone was trying to get home from Waterloo to Walthamstow at 7am after completing a nasty 12 hour night shift, they wouldn't have a lot of luck, unless they wanted to sit on fifty-nine stinking smelly buses with scummy people for two hours or pay £25 for a taxi. FFS. I pay £110 a month for my travelcard, I expect to actually have some transport for it! I feel a complaint letter incoming.

2/22/08 08:26 pm - gipsy_queen - Kays Catalogue

For sending out an email on 20th February to say that their 'Blue Cross Event, 20% off Everything' has been extended for an extra day...

...until February 19th!

2/16/08 11:40 am - dj_alexander

The Royal Mail.

Name should really be changed to Shitty Mail.

I was supposed to have a package delivered. A redelivery slip was never left. The sender has given me a tracking number that says an attempt has been been made. When I try to arrange a redelivery through the website I get an error:

An error has occurred. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please try again later.
You can access customer services here for further assistance.


I've called them up to have it redelivered. They haven't.

Having just spoken to them now they can't even tell me where it is:

RM: "It's usually returned to sender after 7 days"
Me: "But the website says it's still in Greenwich"
RM: "The delivery office may not have updated the website"
Me: "Well, where is it?"
RM: "We don't know, you would have to call up the delivery office direct"

Delivery office - Phone Line permanently engaged for what seems like a week now. go on, give them a try:

Greenwich Delivery Office: 0845 6112445 / 0208 2695070

You can even enable Ringback and listen as it never rings.

2/6/08 12:23 pm - diglett - Shock Announcement

My new phone was sent by DHL.

It actually turned up. On the day I asked for it to be sent. They didn't send the wrong thing. They didn't break it. They didn't leave it with my psycho axe murderer neighbours or out in the street. I can't find anything wrong with the delivery at all.

I think I am going to die of shock.

12/21/07 10:56 am - dj_alexander - IwantYouToAnswerThePhone.com


Bought some bits and pieces from them.
They're trying to deliver it to my home address even though I specified delivery to my work address.
Parceline won't deliver to my work address without authorisation from IWOOT.
Parceline will deliver it on Saturday morning at a cost of £11.75 (the total cost of the items is only £30).
Was on hold yesterday to the IWOOT enquiries department for an hour and a half.
If you call the IWOOT sales department you get through straight away, but they can't help you.
Current time on hold today: 1 hour 17 minutes.
The IWOOT "Live Help Line" is permanently closed.
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